Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals
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Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals
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General Assembly

Consists of all registered eligible Tigrayan academics and is the highest and ultimate decision-making governance organ of the Society to which the

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of professionals from the academia, industry and other relevant sectors, elected by the General Assembly. Tigray

Excutive Committee

implements the day to day activities of the association. It also oversees and give guidance to the association’s chapters and the activities of the

About US

The Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS) is a 501(C) and 33(2011) legally registered non-partisan, autonomous and not-for-profit global knowledge network of over 5,000 Tigray academics – well-established wide-ranging professionals (intellectuals, scientists, policy makers, industrialists, educators and so forth), students and
other personalities who aspire to help Tigray, its people and the Horn of Africa at various
capacities and level of engagements. GSTS seeks to develop a knowledge

Our Vision

GSTS envisions to build a robust and knowledge-based resilent society and economy in Tigray and beyond through a series of knowledge-induced initiatives – centered on science, technology, innovation, research, sounding policy and strategy, institution building, effective human capital development., technology/knowledge transfer/skill endeavors, science diplomacy, humanitarian works and so forth.

Our Mission

  • Provide a platform for Tigray scholars and professionals residing both in Ethiopia and in the wider diaspora to work as a greater unit to accelerate the development of the Tigray, wellbeing of the Tigray society, the Horn of Africa and beyond;
  • Facilitate and strengthen the interactions among members and other stakeholders through GSTS professional platforms to foster professional communication, exchange of ideas and experiences, recent advancements, discoveries etc;
  • Represent the voice of the Tigrayan scientific community, academia and industry across the world;
  • Serve as leading and enabling hub of world-class scholarly and scientific minds and skills in a wide array of multi-disciplinary fields of study and highly dynamic working environments aiming at playing a significant role towards the development of Tigray and beyond;
  • Provide advisory and think tank functions to decision makers in government and private sectors, academia and civil societies for shaping Tigray’s evidence and knowledge guided overall decision-making, strategic policy, development and prosperity;
  • Contribute to the development of policies, strategies and regulations via evidence–based sounding research and benchmarking best practices, aiming at facilitating and accelerating Tigray’s human capital, economic and technological developments;
  • Promote educated and tailored science diplomacy, advocacy, diplomatic, human rights, and humanitarian activities;
  • Serve as a primary center and thus liaison for various government and non-government organizations, academic and research institutions, industries, civil organizations, foundations and other entities who share similar values and desired outcomes;
  • Facilitate technology/skill/knowledge transfer and diffusion;
  • Create digitally, science and technology literate society in Tigray and beyond
  • Inspire, engage, empower, and develop young and early career Tigray scholars and professionals, students etc by creating wide-ranging networking, social, career and professional development opportunities;
  • Work, promote and brand Tigray and its people’s strategic and vital interests and aspirations at all levels.

Our Core Values

The decisions and actions of GSTS are consistently underpinned based on a set of clear principles and core values including:

  • Tigrayan identity and Nationalism 
  • Academic and Professional Excellence, merit and evidence-based decisions
  • Intellectual integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Social Responsibility 
  • Exploration, innovation, originality, up-to-dateness
  • High level ethical standards, impartiality, inclusiveness, unity of purpose 
  • Partnership, networking, collaboration 
  • Tolerance, respect for diversity and equality
  • Merit-based award and reward
  • Performance and service orientation
  • Institutional Independence

Sectoral Thematic Areas (Clusters)

Are sectoral research, policy and development related thematic areas, organized under five clusters as described below. Each sectoral themtic areas are led by two co-chairs and two deputies, one of the co-chair and deputy chair being from Tigray and remaining two from the Diaspora.

Social Cluster

Infrastructure Cluster

Productive Cluster

Cross-Cutting Cluster

Governance, Peace, Security, Justice, Legal and Media