Giving GSTS

The GSTS pursues societal interests in Tigray by bringing together volunteer professionals and practitioners globally. Our vital roles in achieving these societal roles heavily rely on the generous contributions and donations from individuals, local and global government and non-government donor organizations, and philanthropies. We believe giving to GSTS is the most effective way to achieve the societal missions and objectives the organization has set forth to achieve. Every cent donated to GSTS is both valued and accepted with the intent of serving our society. We foresee several windows of opportunities for GSTS to collaborate and solicit funding, including: 

  1. Developing project-specific competitive proposals: GSTS mobilizes its expertise to develop proposals and bid for competitive grants suitable to achieve specific goals.  
  2. Joint expertise-funding initiatives with partners: This involves a joint initiative between GSTS and its partners, in which GSTS contributes its internationally competitive and locally informed experts, and respective partners supply available funding to execute projects on specified common societal interests.  
  3. Initiating joint projects with local and international partners, including universities, research institutes, and government and non-government organizations based in Tigray and beyond.
  4. Subject-matter experts advocating for effective policymaking: This involves GSTS playing a leading role in promoting evidence-based policymaking, advocacy and accountability for implementation efficacy, and collaborating with funding organizations of similar interests
  5. Mobilizing GSTS skill sets for local startups and international venture capital: GSTS mobilizes its locally founded global skill sets to mobilize local startups, eventually aiming at international markets targeting international financing schemes, including venture capital financing and angel investments, among others.
  6. Mobilizing local philanthropy and tax-deductible contributions: GSTS mobilizes tax-deductible contributions from Tigrayan businesses, individual donations, and contributions from NGO and non-NGO interest groups with similar missions as GSTS.