Consists of all registered eligible Tigrayan academics and is the highest and ultimate decision-making governance organ of the Society to which the governing Board of Directors and Executive Committee are responsible.


implements the day to day activities of the association. It also oversees and give guidance to the association’s chapters and the activities of the sectoral thematic areas.

Board of

The Board of Directors consists of professionals from the academia, industry and other relevant sectors, elected by the General Assembly. Tigray University representatives are represented at the Board of directors at the highest level. It provides an overall leadership and guidline to the executive commuttee. It oversees and evaluates the activities of the executive committee, chapter and sectoral thematic area managements, and provide policy directives.

Board of

The GSTS Advisory Board consists of experienced scientists and professionals from the academia and industry. With their proved experience, knowledge and skills, they advise the executive members of GSTS in strategic decision-making process, establishing connections for GSTS within and beyond the scientific field and aiding the growth of GSTS as an organisation. This shall also involve non-Tigrayan professionals and from academic, development and industry related organizations